why do I get acne?

Have you ever gone days or weeks without acne only to have a sudden outbreak of 4 to 5 pimples?

Breakouts occur because certain sub-causes force one pimple to form inside the skin, causing inflammation and the pores of surrounding areas to constrict. This makes a chain reaction of pimples more likely.

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Sub Cause #1, Dead Skin Cells

The skin naturally goes through a cycle of shedding old cells and producing new ones. It is a normal process for the skin to fully replace itself every 28 to 45 days. However, when the skin's cell production cycle is rapidly increased (retention hyperkeratosis), this can cause 3 to 8 times the normal amount of dead skin cells to be released.

On the skin's surface, this is not a problem. Dead skin cells fall off naturally. But when too many dead skin cells are released within the lining of the pore, they often combine with the excess oil and harden, forming a plug called a comedo.

The glands within the skin continue to produce oil, rapidly expanding pores into small balloons of oil. However, trapped oil is not the only thing that can cause a pimple to form.

Sub Cause #2, Bactera

The bacteria known as propionibacterium acnes live everywhere on the skin, including the pores. This is normal, and the bacteria's presence alone does not cause acne. These bacteria live on a diet of oil released from pores

When oil becomes blocked because of retention hyperkeratosis, the bacteria trapped inside the pore feed on the contained oil and multiply to dangerously high levels, causing an infection in the pore.

Sub Cause #3, inflammation

The body sends antibodies to kill the bacteria, causing a pimple to break out. Another example of this process would be a mosquito bite. The bump that forms is not a result of the bite itself, but of the immune system fighting off the infection caused by the bite.

Depending on how deep the comedo is in the pore and how much bacterial infection is present, the pimple could range anywhere from a small bump to a large cyst. Breakouts occur because one pimple forms internally, causing inflammation and forcing the pores of surrounding areas to constrict. This makes a chain reaction of blockages more likely.

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